Up Up and Away

For some, air travel is as normal as taking the bus or subway. For others, it is a big event that only happens once in a blue moon. Whether you are a first time flier or a seasoned traveler, it is important to dress for comfort. In this case, comfort does not translate to sweatpants and a t-shirt. You should be wearing something that gives you the freedom to go straight to dinner or an event when you arrive, therefore dressing fashionably is key. I recently went to New York for the weekend. All week, as I prepared for my trip, I would daydream about the perfect travel outfit. Here is what I concocted:

Layering is the way to go when flying. Planes tend to be either hot and muggy or freezing cold, never in between. For the base I have included a turtleneck from Tu Es Mon Trésor, I love the way the paneling breaks up the turtleneck and creates a more dynamic look. On top is a cardigan from Missoni that looks like rainbow cotton candy. Everlane's wide leg crop pant gives you style and comfort on the bottom. To continue with the winter white theme, for the feet we have these Hillier Bartley boots that are easy to take on and off when going through security. For the wrist, a large tote from Cabas that can easily fit all of your travel necessities. To give your ears the glam they need, without getting in the way of your headphones, these studs from Wolf Circus are perfect.

What is your ideal travel outfit? Let me know in the comments!