Summertime Prep

Growing up in Georgia, it only makes sense that I had a preppy phase. For me, my preppy phase was in eighth grade, and it was later resurrected for a short period of time when I was in tenth grade. In eight grade, I wanted to wear Ralph Lauren button ups and nothing else (well of course pants as well). On multiple occasions I made my parents take me to the Ralph Lauren outlet 45 minutes away from Athens. I would dig through the racks, searching for any and every shirt they had in a size 14. I would proceed to try them all on and pick my favorites – whichever ones I felt the most comfortable in. If I had weighed 10 pounds more I probably would not have fit into any of them. I think they have a larger size selection now, but as far as I can remember, 14  was the largest option they had in 2008. Looking back, I am thankful that this was just a phase.

In high school I finally started exploring fashion and realized how much I loved it. However, the preppy phase returned when my sister went to college and joined a sorority. She had always loved Lilly Pulitzer, but now that was all she really wanted to wear. Still a young and moldable mind, I often followed sister’s lead, suddenly I wanted to also wear Lilly Pulitzer. It was always a search for something that would fit. I could wear the shirts and shorts, but it took a lot of effort to find a dress in a style that fit.

Once this second preppy phase ended, I started hunting for Free People on the sales racks. This is because Free People tended to always have flowing shapes and silhouettes. I could n0t fit into everything from Free People, but I could fit into a lot more than I could with any other brand. Since then, the plus size fashion industry has grown a lot and I am very thankful. That was not where I was expecting to take this post, but it just ended up happening.

This particular looks reminds me of all that I strived for with my clothes in eighth grade. I wish could go back in time and give this outfit to eight grade me, because this look is way better than anything I pulled back then. I am wearing a vintage shirt I stole from my sister’s closet and a skirt I bought from a woman on the local facebook marketplace. Neither of these items were purchased with the other in mind, but I think they work great together. As I have gotten older, I have realized that my style does not have to adhere to any specific mold, I can dress preppy one day and boho chic the next. Why would you choose one style when having them all gives you more options?