Making The Old New Again

Sometimes we cannot afford new clothes, which results in the frustrated yelling of “I have nothing to wear!” while standing in your closet. Or in my case, in front of your closet because I do not know the privilege of having a walk-in closet (one day….). 

I recently I have experienced this frustration regularly. I have been trying my best to post new outfits on Instagram consistently, but recently I have hit a wall. I have nothing new or exciting to wear, people will get tired of seeing the same thing, these are all thoughts that go through my mind. Until I realized that this is an opportunity to challenge myself and create new outfits that I may not have seen within my wardrobe before.  Since facing this challenge I have worn this particular shirt in ways I had not thought of before. This look is one of those.

I am excited to see what other new looks come out of this challenge!

Top – Free People

Dress – ASOS

Barrette – Kanel Denmark