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Premme and Proper

Premme is one of the first fashion lines that gives plus-size women the opportunity to keep up with trends and high fashion.

Shopping for clothes is hard, especially when your options are limited because of your size. In recent years, the plus-size fashion industry has definitely expanded, but the selection is still limited in so many ways. In addition to ASOS (my A-1 since Day 1),  Premme has finally given me the chance to buy nice, well-made clothing that feature styles that I actually want in my closet. Most of my other options are at stores that are highly involved in the fast fashion industry and whose clothing disintegrates within a few wears. My first purchase from Premme is this beautiful jacket. I decided to treat myself for my birthday when the jacket was on sale in March. And let me tell you, I do not regret it. It is extremely well made and fits like a glove.Read Between The Hemlines

Read Between The Hemlines

Read Between The Hemlines


Premme Jacket, Here

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