Ansley Morgan Read Between The Hemlines

Melting in Georgia

Welcome to summer in Georgia. The time of year where I want to wear as little clothing as possible, but still look fabulous – a tricky challenge. Honestly I don’t even have any advice to go along with that statement because after 23 years, I am still trying to figure out how to dress for the nasty combination of heat and humidity in Georgia. Currently, my main approach is dresses. I purchased this Free People slip at Nordstrom Rack last year and barely wore it until this past month. Now I wear it multiple times a week. So stick around to figure out how I tackle summer dressing and also how many more times I incorporate this slip into an outfit.

While I was taking this picture a group of high-schoolers, that attend my alma mater, appeared to fish in this very sad pond. They looked at me like I was crazy, wondering why I’m out here taking pictures. I judged them equally for fishing in this pond. However, I can’t judge them because to my surprise one of them caught a fish that was larger than a foot while I was there. It was cool.

Madewell Top, Here

Free People Slip

Melissa Shoes, Here

Vintage Bag

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