Brands That Fit

Shopping can be hard sometimes, shopping when you’re plus-size is even harder. Here is a list I have compiled of brands that I have found to be more size inclusive. I have included my typical size for each brand in parenthesis.

ASOS (US 14/16)

Elvi (US 14/16)

Forever 21+ (1X/2X)

Free People (L*)

Johnny Was (L/XL)

Lazy Oafs (L)

Levis (XL/32)

Lewit (US 16**)

Madewell (XL*)

Old Navy (XL/16)

Premme (1/2)

Sleeper (2)

Zara (XL)


*Most things I wear from this brand are in styles that are a boxier/loose fit

**I have only one or a few items from this brand and feel that this size is subject to change