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This includes quotes from students and local businesses

Final Prediction

We first saw fringe and tassel on the Runway for Spring '15, and very soon it was back for Fall '15. While the designers introduced it, it is up to stylists and gatekeepers to decide if the trend is going to stick around - and they did just that. Fringe and tassel showed up on blogs, in articles, and most importantly in magazines. Harper's Bazaar was filled with the trend, and as the months passed it only seemed to become more prevalent. I believe that fringe as a whole is in the peak of the fashion cycle, fringe jackets, on the other hand, are in the beginning of the cycle. This is mostly due to weather, but once fall rolls around and the weather is cool once again fringe jackets will definitely be in. Fringe jackets will follow the same cycle as the fringe we have seen throughout spring and be widely accepted - this can be supported by the amount of fringe that designers have sent down the runway during Fall Fashion Week. Our overall acceptance of fringe is preparing us to wear fringe jackets, so we can all embrace our inner Miranda Kerr. 

Harper's Bazaar: Tassel and Fringe


In January, we could see the beginning of fringe making it's way into the magazine.


February had about the same amount as January.


In March, the number of fringe is through the roof. I thought it was interesting how this time there was more fringe in advertisements than editorials. This shows that brands are picking up on what magazine's are saying about fringe - therefore they want to get their designs out there so people will buy them. 


By April, the numbers had dwindled and returned to the same amounts as January and Frebruary. I was surprised, since there had been so much in March. I feel like March was the major introduction period of fringe and tassel by advertisers. Since the numbers returned to normal and didn't steep any lower, I still think Fringe is definitely in.  

Fringe in the Classic City

Fringe is in - well at least in Athens. Girls are wearing it to stay warm at game days, adorning their bags, to socials, on spring break, and even to formals. Check out these photos to see how fringe is being worn in the Classic City.

Here are few quotes from UGA students and local businesses regarding fringe:

"Fringe automatically makes any outfit more laid back and cool. It's the most comfortable and natural kind of confidence you can wear."
- Emily Pee, UGA Student

"Fringe gives modern outfits a retro hippie feel, automatically transforming any looking into woodstock-chic."
- Taylor Solomon, UGA Grad Student

"I think it was a trend 4 years ago, but a trend nonetheless."
- Melissa Corry, UGA Student

"I like fringe, because it's like wearing an accessory without having to put one on separately."
- Jenny Bryan, UGA Student

“We have tons of examples of fringe and tassels around the store...Loeffler Randall did a lot with it this spring. It is such a fun trend and people have responded well to it.”
- Buyer for Heery's

“Fringe everything has been selling like crazy. It’s been big on social media too with all the designers promoting it. People are for sure loving the fringe. Mainly handbags and footwear have been the most popular.”
- Heery's Employee

Whether you are in the market for a fringe bag, skirt, or shoes, Athens' retailers have got you covered.  Originally I had taken my own photos in store, but after reviewing those I decided that I would use the stores' on instagram posts so you can see how they are advertising fringe.

Encore had the least amount of fringe and tassel out of all the stores I went to. Here it was mostly tops and jackets. 
See what they're posting here
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Heery's has quite a lot of fringe, and a large selection of designers - Rachel Zoe, Loeffler Randall, and Tibi. This would be a great place to go if you're looking for a statement fringe accessory that you can pair with different outfits. They have a lot of designer bags and shoes that feature fringe. 

See what they're posting here
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American Threads
America Threads is one of the Athens' retailers with tons of fringe. They have it on bags, shoes, tops, kimonos - whatever you need. American Threads offers this at affordable prices for college students.

See what they're posting here
Go shopping here

Cheeky Peach
Cheeky Peach is the fringe jackpot! They have it on everything! The most interesting thing they're doing with fringe is starting #fringefriday, where everything that has fringe on it is 15% off. This is a genius marketing scheme and shows that they think fringe is in!

See what they're posting here
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