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Saturday, October 17, 2015
October is a weird time for weather in Georgia. One day its in the fifties, the next it is in the high seventies. This can present a difficult challenge when transitioning into your fall wardrobe. Therefore this is the prime time to wear your sleeveless turtlenecks, cause I know you've all got one hidden away in your closet.

If we are being honest, I truly think I bought this sweater as some sort of sartorial challenge for myself. It is such a great knit and color, that I could not resist, but in reality it is hard to style something that keeps your neck real toasty, but your arms are freezing

Sweater - Free People
Jeans - Joe's

For my first attempt at wearing this sweater I decided to keep it simple, just some good old jeans and boots.

I paired it with this Free People necklace.

Athens is known for its music scene, many musicians and bands got their start here and new and upcoming acts are always performing around town. The band R.E.M. started in Athens and there are a few landmarks that still stand solely becuase they were part of album artwork. For these photos I ventured to the train trestle featured on the back of R.E.M.'s album, Murmur.

I love getting to explore the rich culture of Athens. When people ask why I did not go away for school I tell them it is because there is still so much of Athens for me to explore, experience, and learn about.

Hopefully this sleeveless sweater will make more appearances in my Athens adventures. I'm going to challenge myself to wear it four different ways, let me know if you have any ideas.

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