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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

I recently heard that Tony Moly, a popular Korean cosmetic brand, is opening a store in Atlanta. After  hearing this I happened to come across some of their products in Urban Outfitters, so naturally I felt inclined to buy something and give it a try. In a continued effort to erase all my blackheads I decided to purchase the blackhead steam balm

The steam balm comes in interesting, but cute, egg themed packaging. At first you might think "Oh cute there's a chicken on the box", then you open it and not only is there a chicken on the box, the container looks like an egg!

Keep on going and you will find that the seal is the color of yolk, how cute! (But also a little weird)

The product has a texture like vaseline at first, but once it is rubbed in it becomes more creamy and turns white. I personally like that it does this because it gives the feeling that it is doing something, even if it is not. The directions say to rub it in to affected areas for 3-5 minutes. I have read that in Korea a large part of the typical beauty regime is taking the time to massage products into the skin, which makes complete sense, but if you aren't used to rubbing in a product for that long it can seem tedious. The balm has a warm feeling to it as you rub it in, which I am assuming is why it has steam in the name. After massaging the affected areas for the recommended time, you simply rinse it off and are finished, it's that simple!

Overall I really like this product, for two reasons, the cute packaging and the ease of use. I do think my skin has benefited from using this because it helps exfoliate and remove any dead skin or other particles that can cause blackheads. I would recommend this product and I cannot wait to try more Tony Moly products and go to the store opening in Atlanta (it that's a real thing).

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