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As Football season comes around, the hunt for red and black begins. That may be an exaggeration because it is never hard to find red and black in Athens, every store from local boutiques to our sketchy mall features displays specifically tailored for the University of Georgia's football season.

In the past two weeks I have begun a new part of my fashionista journey - I have started working at Flirt, a local boutique and the only place in Athens that carries Free People ;) Within a week I already had many opportunities to learn so much and take part in the creative side of this business, including helping paint our game day windows.  The designs came from the mind of our wonderful creative director Jen Tello, and while they looked great on paper, they look amazing on the windows.

In Athens and the SEC in general, it is the norm to dress up for games, unlike many schools where people wear a T-shirt and shorts and call it a day. I would be lying if I didn't say I was jealous of how my best friend and her friends dress for Miami football games, it looks a lot more comfortable and practical than wearing a dress.

Jersey - Nike
Shorts - Free People

 For the UGA vs USC game I opted for "jersey chic," which is probably the most comfortable look you can get away with. It's definitely my favorite look for games in the beginning of the season, when the games take place in the Georgia heat and humidity. 

I am obsessed with my coworker's, Tori, dress. It is the best way to looked dressed up, but feel comfortable at the same time. Sadly, I have no idea where she got it. 

Choker - Asos
Earrings - Dogeared

It wouldn't be game day without donning some red lips.

As the season continues, I will post more game day outfits, until then, Go Dawgs!

There's nothing worse than looking really cute and only getting one picture to prove it, especially if they are only subpar phone quality. Therefore I'm going to start the Only on Insta post, where I post multiple mediocre photos of a few looks I wore, but didn't get to properly photograph.

First up, we have the best Ebay purchase I have made in a long time - a vintage Mickey hockey jersey. I saw one of the Beckerman sisters wearing it and immediately began searching for my own, within 10 minutes the jersey was acquired.

Next, we have a Free People dress that I purchased eons ago. I had never worn it, but recently decided to wear it to my sorority's My Tie date night. One Bridesmaids' inspired pose later, and it seems like it was fate that I wore the dress that night. I still cannot get over how great this picture turned out. 

Also Pictured:
Bag - Kooba
Necklace - Kendra Scott 
Shoes - Steve Madden

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