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I feel like tassel and fringe is a very boho look, so I thought why not look at the brand that is all about boho, Free People. I decided to take stock of what items have fringe on them. Free People has an abundant selection of items with tassel and fringe, from bags, shoes, sweaters, skirts, to even necklaces. You can see these items in the photos above. I am not going to go into too much detail about those items, because I am here to talk about fringe on jackets, and man Free People did not disappoint.

Right now most of the jackets with fringe that they offer are very expensive, and definitely not within a college students budget. This is because they are real leather.  Nevertheless, it is definitely clear that Free People considers jackets with fringe to be in style. More and more jackets continue to appear on their site. This makes me think that they will eventually start producing some vegan leather fringe jackets that are more affordable and will help the trend catch on. Click through the pictures for the links.


Free People also features a few vests with fringe.

This jacket is by far my favorite. It is from their vintage collection, meaning that this a vintage jacket that they found. I would love to add this classic jacket to my wardrobe. 

Happy almost Valentine's Day! I do not have any special plans except cuddling with my dog, but I hope that your V-Day meets your expectations!  I really need to step up my photography game, but here is an outfit I wore recently, photographed in Downtown Athens. I feel like we have sort of skipped winter and moved onto a chilly spring here, even though we are supposed to have freezing rainy this coming week, but I highly doubt it. This odd weather presents a challenge of what to wear, you want to be warm because it's chilly in the mornings and night, but during the day it's warmish. This outfit was a great solution because of... wait for it... layering! I also like wearing a dress with palm trees on it in the middle of winter, it feels like I'm breaking some rules.

Sweater, Bra and Necklace: Free People, Dress: Fabrik, Boots: Frye

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