New Year, New Me, Am I Right?

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Friday, January 09, 2015
Let's be honest, I've been sucking at this blogging thing, but as of right now I decided that one of my New Year resolutions is to start blogging consistently. To start I'm just going to show y'all some of the outfits I've worn recently.

What would be more appropriate than to show y'all what I wore on New Years first! Here I'm wearing a Free People top I got for Christmas, that unfortunately I can't find on the website. I decided to wear a black tank underneath for a little edge and I wore a black lace bra that unfortunately you can't see in this picture. I borrowed my sister's necklace and wore HUE black leggings, the fancy thick ones, and some black Frye boots that clearly blend into the background in this picture.

On the first day of the New Year I decided to dress a little more for comfort, after partying the night before, lol I just went to a concert. I wore the Dylan Tweedy pullover in ice blue and the patchwork sweater leggings, along with the same Frye boots from the night before. Here's a cute pic of me and Sadie chilling in the car from that day. Oh, also I'm just going to be honest with y'all, these leggings are so cute, but probably the worst quality item I have ever purchased from Free People. Holes keep appearing up and down the seams, and at first I though it was just cause I am bit a curvier than others (careful word choice there...), but once I read reviews I realized that wasn't the case because even people with twigs for legs were having the same problems. 

As I leave you with the last outfit, I'll also leave you with a funny story. So this past Tuesday my family went out to dinner in downtown Athens before we headed to a concert. What concert you ask? Well we thought it was going to be the Acapella group Straight No Chaser. Turns out it was another band called Straight, No Chaser. Notice the comma... They were there playing for a fraternity benefit and apparently tons of people kept asking "isn't there supposed to be an acapella group?" and proceeded to leave once they found out the truth. Despite this disappointment it was a great opportunity to wear my new Shaggy Jacket and this great tunic. Aaaaand once again the Frye boots and Hue leggings. Clearly I only have one pair of black boots. 

I guess this is a decent start to my New Years Resolution, even though it took me 9 days to post... Fortunately I'm finally taking classes for my major in Fashion Merchandising so hopefully I'll have some interesting stuff to post about soon.
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