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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fringe and tassels, we see this everywhere, sometimes without even realizing it. Whether it's the design of a necklace, the tassel on a bag, or even hanging from the hemline of a kimono, fringe seems to be sneaking its' way into stores and eventually people's closets. Some may prefer to play it safe and just carry a bag with fringe, while others may go for it and make fringe their statement piece, for example a fringe skirt. I don't personally own a fringe skirt, but man would I like to get my hands on one.

Fringe makes an appearance on everything - from tops to bags

Two different ways to wear fringe - The "Going For It" and the "Statement Bag"

I am obsessed with this look, so refined, yet so fun

Subtle Fringe - On the clutch and the kimono

Fringe can also make a incognito appearance as garnish on a top

This kimono with fringe is a big thing among students at UGA

That sneaky fringe, just showing up everywhere, even on our feet!

A way to wear fringe that I am really intrigued by is on jackets, in fact this is what I have decided to focus on. This can be either subtle or extreme; the fringe can just be on the hem of the jacket or you could where a jacket that is nothing but fringe, like the one in my 'Turn My Shag On' post, which coincidentally also features a necklace with fringe.

From bloggers to celebrities, the fringe jacket is becoming the statement piece of choice. 

You can go for a western inspired look with this suede jacket
Or perhaps you would rather go for the edgy biker look

Or, as my mom would put it, you can look like a bathroom rug. Despite her derogatory terminology, this is my favorite. 

As I said earlier, fringe has been appearing in our wardrobes quite a bit, especially in bags and kimonos. These styles are more subtle than the jacket. I believe that these styles have been preparing us for welcoming more fringe into our closets. Now that people have gotten adjusted to the idea of fringe adorning their clothing in subtle ways, I think this coming fall we will be ready to up our fringe game and welcome the fringed jacket with open arms. 

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