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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit my best friend over fall break. Rachel attends the University of Miami, so the options of what to do were endless. After going to classes with her that day we ventured to Wynwood, a really neat art district in Miami. The entire area is covered in art, but one place in particular caught my attention, The Wynwood Walls. Rachel had told me about this place and how it is the go to spot for instagram pictures or new cover photos, so obviously I needed to check this out. The walls did not disappoint, I was incredibly impressed with how these walls were brought to life by the different artists' works - they were able to execute such beautiful art at such a large scale. I recommend taking the time to check out the website and read about the different artists, but be careful because it's easy to get lost on the site for a few hours. If you are ever in Miami pay a visit to Wynwood, other than the awesome walls, there are plenty of great shops and restaurants as well.

Necklace - Free People
Dress - Audrey 3+1, American Threads

Necklace - Free People
Dress - Free People

October is a weird time for weather in Georgia. One day its in the fifties, the next it is in the high seventies. This can present a difficult challenge when transitioning into your fall wardrobe. Therefore this is the prime time to wear your sleeveless turtlenecks, cause I know you've all got one hidden away in your closet.

If we are being honest, I truly think I bought this sweater as some sort of sartorial challenge for myself. It is such a great knit and color, that I could not resist, but in reality it is hard to style something that keeps your neck real toasty, but your arms are freezing

Sweater - Free People
Jeans - Joe's

For my first attempt at wearing this sweater I decided to keep it simple, just some good old jeans and boots.

I paired it with this Free People necklace.

Athens is known for its music scene, many musicians and bands got their start here and new and upcoming acts are always performing around town. The band R.E.M. started in Athens and there are a few landmarks that still stand solely becuase they were part of album artwork. For these photos I ventured to the train trestle featured on the back of R.E.M.'s album, Murmur.

I love getting to explore the rich culture of Athens. When people ask why I did not go away for school I tell them it is because there is still so much of Athens for me to explore, experience, and learn about.

Hopefully this sleeveless sweater will make more appearances in my Athens adventures. I'm going to challenge myself to wear it four different ways, let me know if you have any ideas.

I recently heard that Tony Moly, a popular Korean cosmetic brand, is opening a store in Atlanta. After  hearing this I happened to come across some of their products in Urban Outfitters, so naturally I felt inclined to buy something and give it a try. In a continued effort to erase all my blackheads I decided to purchase the blackhead steam balm

While I am no cosmetic guru, I do enjoy visiting Sephora or Ulta from time to time. These trips often end with me "gracefully" carrying an armful of products to the cash register after having declined a sales associate's offer for a bag to carry my things in. When I do make the occasional visit to one of these caves of cosmetic wonders, I normally come with a mission; Whether it's searching for the exact shade of YSL lipgloss that I read about or getting to see NUDESTIX in person, I know what I'm there for. 

This weekend I went to Ulta looking for whatever wondrous product would hopefully make my blackheads magically disappear (if only that was a real thing). I left with four things. One product, the Biore Charcoal Bar, unfortunately did not have the opportunity to be photographed because I was too excited to use it. The other three did make it to the photo shoot. I'm going to give an overview of each product and then in a few weeks I will do an update on how they are working for me.

First up is Eclos Cleansing Oil, which you can find at Ulta for $10.99. Recently I have seen and read a lot of different things that rave about cleansing oils and using them to take off your makeup as part of a two step cleansing process - first cleansing oil, then face wash. As someone that has skin that is more oily than dry, I was a little skeptical, but I decided to give it a try. So far I am pleasantly surprise! Not gonna lie, it was really weird when I first used it, but after a few days I've gotten used to the feeling of slathering oil on my face and I kind of like, plus I feel like my face has been a lot softer because of this product.

The Pore Purifying Green Clay Mask from Coast to Coast may be my favorite thing. It was approximately $9.99, but I am unable to find it on Ulta's website and it's more expensive on the brand's site. This is an item I picked out to specifically target blackheads. Fortunately the acne gods have left me alone most of my life and I don't have terrible breakouts, but the blackhead gods are a different story. I really like using this mask after I have washed my face, specifically on my nose, t-zone, and chin, which are the real problem areas. So far I think it's working, but it's hard to say after just a few days. 

I also recently read that Bio-Oil is a great product for reducing scarring, and as someone who finds a new scratch or two on my legs everyday, I thought I would give it a try. The size I purchased is less than what Ulta has on their website it was around $10. I have started putting the product on any scars I have every night. I have tried good old Vitamin E Oil before and definitely noticed a difference with that, so I think it will be interesting to compare Bio-Oil to Vitamin E.

I will post again in the next few weeks to update y'all on how these products are working for me. In the meantime, I'd love to hear about any of y'alls experiences with these products or if you have any suggestions of other products, let me know in the comments!

As Football season comes around, the hunt for red and black begins. That may be an exaggeration because it is never hard to find red and black in Athens, every store from local boutiques to our sketchy mall features displays specifically tailored for the University of Georgia's football season.

In the past two weeks I have begun a new part of my fashionista journey - I have started working at Flirt, a local boutique and the only place in Athens that carries Free People ;) Within a week I already had many opportunities to learn so much and take part in the creative side of this business, including helping paint our game day windows.  The designs came from the mind of our wonderful creative director Jen Tello, and while they looked great on paper, they look amazing on the windows.

In Athens and the SEC in general, it is the norm to dress up for games, unlike many schools where people wear a T-shirt and shorts and call it a day. I would be lying if I didn't say I was jealous of how my best friend and her friends dress for Miami football games, it looks a lot more comfortable and practical than wearing a dress.

Jersey - Nike
Shorts - Free People

 For the UGA vs USC game I opted for "jersey chic," which is probably the most comfortable look you can get away with. It's definitely my favorite look for games in the beginning of the season, when the games take place in the Georgia heat and humidity. 

I am obsessed with my coworker's, Tori, dress. It is the best way to looked dressed up, but feel comfortable at the same time. Sadly, I have no idea where she got it. 

Choker - Asos
Earrings - Dogeared

It wouldn't be game day without donning some red lips.

As the season continues, I will post more game day outfits, until then, Go Dawgs!

There's nothing worse than looking really cute and only getting one picture to prove it, especially if they are only subpar phone quality. Therefore I'm going to start the Only on Insta post, where I post multiple mediocre photos of a few looks I wore, but didn't get to properly photograph.

First up, we have the best Ebay purchase I have made in a long time - a vintage Mickey hockey jersey. I saw one of the Beckerman sisters wearing it and immediately began searching for my own, within 10 minutes the jersey was acquired.

Next, we have a Free People dress that I purchased eons ago. I had never worn it, but recently decided to wear it to my sorority's My Tie date night. One Bridesmaids' inspired pose later, and it seems like it was fate that I wore the dress that night. I still cannot get over how great this picture turned out. 

Also Pictured:
Bag - Kooba
Necklace - Kendra Scott 
Shoes - Steve Madden

The best feeling ever is when you decide to give something a try, and it totally pays off. This is the feeling I got after purchasing NUDESTIX's Magnetic Eye Color pencils. The faces of Nudestix are two sisters, Taylor and Ally Frankel, and they alone are the reason you should love this company. These girls promote positive self image - They want you to enhance your natural beauty with their products, which are created to highlight your features so you can #gonudebutbetter

Fortunately the product is just as great as the mission. I came across Nudestix in a Refinery29 article and knew that I had to try it. I finally had the opportunity to peruse their products at the Sephora in Lenox. After much deliberation I purchased their limited edition magnetic eye color package, which included the colors Gilt, Night, and Twilight, and I also purchased the pencil in Angel.

 It was love at first swipe! When I tested the pencil on my hand it was smooth and creamy, but it was there to stay and did not budge. Not budging is crucial when you are in the humid Georgia heat, therefore, this attribute made these become my summer staple.

Not only do they stay on all day, they are so easy to use. My favorite look is when I apply Angel all over my lid and then add Twilight to my crease and outer lid - I just smudge and viola, I have a great understated, natural, smokey look. For an edgier look I like to use Night as my liner and smudge it out.

Nudestix has a great resource of videos and tips for using their products, you can find these on youtube, instagram, facbeook, etc. These girls are so cute and very interactive with their followers on social media, which I love! So get yourself some Nudestix and #gonudebutbetter

Wear sunscreen kids! Because if you don't... you will have bright red arms... 

Dress - Free People
Necklace - Betsy Pittard

My family recently visited Jekyll Island, a small island nestled in the Georgia coast right next to St. Simons Island. This island is home to a lot of history, specifically the Horton House. The walls of this home have remained standing since the 18th century, thanks to tabby, "a building material created by mixing water, lime, sand, and oyster shells." If you look closely you can see the remnants of oyster shells throughout the walls. We disturbed these walls of history by having a little photo shoot, Sadie included. 

Sadie's Leash - Found My Animal

Dress, Necklace - Free People

Shorts - Free People
Necklace - Kendra Scott

What better excuse to dress up than your dad's birthday? Which is exactly what my family did. We celebrated my dad's birthday at the fancy pants Waldorf Astoria in Orlando, where we dined on steak and "frites."

Taylor's Dress - Urban Outfitters
Mom's Dress - Soft Surroundings
Dad's Shirt - Tommy Bahama

This celebration was the perfect opportunity for me to wear this Free People midi dress that I purchased on sale this spring. The best part about this dress is that it only cost $50. I accessorized with my new Steve Madden shoes and my sister's Kendra Scott earrings.

Shoes - Steve Madden
I tried to find the pair I am wearing but to no avail, so the link takes you to a similar pair.

Earrings - Kendra Scott
These are currently on sale!

In the past month, I have taken a hiatus from blogging to give myself a little break after those many posts I did in the span of two days for school. But my mind has been rejuvenated and I have finally been forced to wear something other than a t-shirt and Nike shorts while on vacation. When we arrived at Disney, the opportunity for me to wear my Kitty Marie  dress from BlackMilk arose. In BlackMilk's Instagram bio it says "Give me nylon or give me death" and I can say I agree with that statement after wearing the dress in a hot and muggy theme park. The fabric was surprisingly cool!


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