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I have recently discovered suzani fabric, some of the most beautiful textiles I have ever seen. If you google it you may find chairs with a round ornate pattern on them or this Vera Bradley pattern that has Suzani's, but what I'm talking about is the beautiful embroidered ones that come from Uzbekistan. Now that I am moving from my tiny jail cell of a dorm room into my own apartment, which means my bed is going up in size, I have been hunting for the perfect bedding. I have an obsession with bedding, especially Anthropologie bedding. It is so bad, that I bought my dorm room bedding in December of my senior year of high school, but hey I had been watching it for awhile and it was finally on sale! Interior design has always been an interest of mine so the moment I knew where I was living it was hard to not start planning months in advance. I had been planning on waiting for this Anthropologie quilt to go on sale so I could snag it, that is until I discovered suzani.

Ironically it actually has the sort of ornate designs that a suzani quilt does. Last night I stumbled across Justina Blakeney post about her home the "Jungalow." I immediately recognized the photos of her bed because I had posted it on pinterest in awe of how beautiful it was. 

I read that it was a vintage suzani cover and immediately started searching for my own. At first I kept finding dull patterns from fabric stores, but then I thought to check out Ebay and I hit the motherload. There are multiple sellers on Ebay who specialize in Suzanis and within 20 minutes I had already bought one to use for my bedding that will go with some navy euro shams I already have. I cannot wait until it comes, but unfortunately I will because it is shipping internationally and says it might not be here until June 6... When it arrives I will post photos and report on the quality. For now I shall leave you with some suzani inspiration. 

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