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    I have been interested in trying out Lush Cosmetic's hair products for a while now, but I have been hesitant to just order it from their website not really knowing what I was getting into to. This past weekend I finally had the opportunity to go to a Lush store where I purchased three things: Curly Wurly Shampoo, Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, and R&B leave-in conditioner. My hair is naturally wavy/curly. It is probably more oily than dry, but I can typically go two days without washing it. I was lucky because the girl that helped me also had curly hair, so felt like I could trust what she had to say about the products.

    Curly Wurly was the product that I was most nervous about using for the first time. The shampoo has real coconut shavings in it, this means that you are rubbing real shavings of coconut into your hair. That doesn't sound pleasant. The girl who helped me asked if I was okay with a shampoo that doesn't really lather, and I said I was up for anything even though deep down inside this made me nervous. She told me to make sure that I added a little water to the shampoo in my hand before I applied it to my hair. The next day when I took a shower I followed what she said. Right before I applied the shampoo to my hair I thought to myself, "Wait I'm actually about to rub this into my hair?", needless to say I hesitated for a moment. Finally I started washing my hair and was pleasantly surprised to find that the shampoo lathered like a normal shampoo. It also smells really good! My only complaint is the coconut shavings because that was really weird to me, but I always brush through my hair in the shower after I apply conditioner and when I did this most of them fell out with the exception of the few that looked like giant pieces of dandruff when I looked in the mirror.

    I was not too nervous to use Happy Happy Joy Joy because it really looks just like your regular ole conditioner. The smell is pleasant, very nice. I can't really decide though if I like it yet because I rely on my conditioner to help detangle my hair and this conditioner did that, but it did take a little more work on my behalf than usual. My hair also seemed more dry than normal after my shower.

    I'm not exactly sure what to think of R&B. This is my first time using a leave-in conditioner and I was worried it would make my hair feel greasy. It didn't, but honestly I couldn't tell if it did anything. I applied only a little bit to my ends by scrunching my hair with it like I would if I was applying curl cream. It seems like a little goes a long way with this little pot.

The Results
    My hair seemed to have a drier texture than normal. It also seemed to be just a tad bit more frizzy. I am going to continue to use it and I will make a post a couple weeks from now updating y'all. Right now I feel like once I have used up all of what I bought I probably won't get anymore because I don't see much of a difference in how my hair is acting, so I don't want to continue to buy more because it is really expensive. All of this was about $75 and the containers are not that large for this price. I understand that for some people it is worth the money to be able to use natural products on their hair, but I don't think it is worth that much for me. 

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