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Saturday, November 15, 2014
Call me crazy, but in the household I grew up in we start thinking about Christmas the second November rolls around. Well really it is just me and my mom who get excited when we start to see Christmas appear in Target and on catalogs, while my sister is in the background saying "it's too soon!" I can't help it, for some reason when October 31st ends and November 1st rolls around I start to think about sugar plum fairies and Mariah Carey's Christmas CD. It's not like I am throwing the decorations up immediately or anything like that, it's more like I am mentally preparing myself. Part of this process is making my Christmas list, you know so that there is an adequate amount of time to find the right deals in preparation for when December 24 comes. I have decided to share with y'all my dream Christmas wish list of 2014. Now this list is extravagant, but hey a girl can dream right?

First up are these great necklaces from Sequin. I am a big fan of reading my horoscope and what better way to show off your sign, or possibly warn people what they're getting into, than wearing this dainty necklace. I'm an Aries by the way, just though that might be some crucial information. These necklaces are priced at $48, but thanks to Oprah and her favorite things if you use the code OPRAH you get 20% off!
When I think of Christmas, I can't help but think of waking up on Christmas morning and slipping my feet into some nice cozy shoes before I head down stairs to see what is under the tree. Don't worry if you don't have slippers, perhaps these could be waiting for you in a nicely wrapped box. The Alena slipper costs $120, but hey you're paying for some really nice fuzz there. Plus if you're one of those girls who wears her slippers to class you probably will get more wear out of them than just shuffling around your house, so it's totally worth it! P.S. I do not condone slipper wearing to class, or any other public places for that matter.

Continuing with the theme of shoes, next I have the L.L. Bean Bean Boots for $109. Now you may be asking, why these shoes? I'll tell you why. As a college student in the south it appears that these shoes have become a staple in many different people's closets and for good reasons. When you first look at these shoes you probably think rain boots and while that is very accurate, there are many other reasons these shoes are useful - hiking, walking in mud, or just wearing to class during the fall and winter. I have a pair of hunter rain boots and while I love them I feel like these shoes are more useful because you can wear them even when it isn't raining and not look crazy or over prepared for a rainstorm. 

This is one of the things I am most excited about. I have searched and searched for a camera bag that is two things: 1. Cute 2. On the smaller side. I finally found those things in the Kelly Moore Bag. The Riva costs only $149 and is so cute. Go check out the website to see all of the information about it. It even has a built in wallet on the back, which is a great plus. I am hopefully studying abroad this summer and would love to have this bag because not only can I conveniently carry my camera in it, but I can also just use it as my purse.

Well there you have it. This is just the first installment though so be sure to come back for more, most likely one centered around free people, because well you know, why not?
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