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Thursday, January 30, 2014
Well once again the South has been over taken with a snow storm that it just does not know how to handle.  Thankfully I live in Athens, and we did not have a lot of traffic issues.  Unlike Atlanta...  It is insane how many cars were left stranded on the highway and how many people had to walk home or sleep in a CVS.  My cousin had to stay over night at her children's day care, while her husband was stuck on the road all night.  My aunt and uncle had to abandon there car, only four miles away from their house, and walk the rest of the way home.  The only problems I faced were that all of my classes got canceled, and my Polisci test got delayed to next week.  Well I guess those are not really problems...  Anyway, I thought I would take this winter weather as an opportunity to post about some of my favorite winter accessories.

I personally think it is really important to wear a hat or a scarf (or both) when there is cold weather.  A hat is really great because it keeps your body heat from escaping; your body heat escapes from you head and your feet, so keep those toes warm too!

This Free People beanie is great for the cold weather, not only does it keep you warm, but it is also stylish with the beautiful thick knit and the cute pom pom.

If you are not a fan of hat hair, you can always wear earmuffs!

These Free People Nico Earmuffs are so cute!  I own a pair and am in love.  They are perfect because they keep your ears nice and cozy, and the fur provides a nice stylish touch, while the band gives them a bohemian feel.  Plus they are kind of further back than normal earmuffs, making it so that that aren't protruding from your head, but they still cover your ears.

Next is an essential to any winter wardrobe, a scarf!

This Free People scarf is the best scarf I own!  I actually own two.  The other one may not be exactly the same scarf, but it is very similar.  It is so cozy and warm, I break it out immediately when the air starts to feel chilly.  You would not believe how many compliments I get when I wear either one. 

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying the winter weather wherever they are and that y'all are staying warm! Here are a couple pictures from my snowy day in Athens!

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