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Call me crazy, but in the household I grew up in we start thinking about Christmas the second November rolls around. Well really it is just me and my mom who get excited when we start to see Christmas appear in Target and on catalogs, while my sister is in the background saying "it's too soon!" I can't help it, for some reason when October 31st ends and November 1st rolls around I start to think about sugar plum fairies and Mariah Carey's Christmas CD. It's not like I am throwing the decorations up immediately or anything like that, it's more like I am mentally preparing myself. Part of this process is making my Christmas list, you know so that there is an adequate amount of time to find the right deals in preparation for when December 24 comes. I have decided to share with y'all my dream Christmas wish list of 2014. Now this list is extravagant, but hey a girl can dream right?

First up are these great necklaces from Sequin. I am a big fan of reading my horoscope and what better way to show off your sign, or possibly warn people what they're getting into, than wearing this dainty necklace. I'm an Aries by the way, just though that might be some crucial information. These necklaces are priced at $48, but thanks to Oprah and her favorite things if you use the code OPRAH you get 20% off!
When I think of Christmas, I can't help but think of waking up on Christmas morning and slipping my feet into some nice cozy shoes before I head down stairs to see what is under the tree. Don't worry if you don't have slippers, perhaps these could be waiting for you in a nicely wrapped box. The Alena slipper costs $120, but hey you're paying for some really nice fuzz there. Plus if you're one of those girls who wears her slippers to class you probably will get more wear out of them than just shuffling around your house, so it's totally worth it! P.S. I do not condone slipper wearing to class, or any other public places for that matter.

Continuing with the theme of shoes, next I have the L.L. Bean Bean Boots for $109. Now you may be asking, why these shoes? I'll tell you why. As a college student in the south it appears that these shoes have become a staple in many different people's closets and for good reasons. When you first look at these shoes you probably think rain boots and while that is very accurate, there are many other reasons these shoes are useful - hiking, walking in mud, or just wearing to class during the fall and winter. I have a pair of hunter rain boots and while I love them I feel like these shoes are more useful because you can wear them even when it isn't raining and not look crazy or over prepared for a rainstorm. 

This is one of the things I am most excited about. I have searched and searched for a camera bag that is two things: 1. Cute 2. On the smaller side. I finally found those things in the Kelly Moore Bag. The Riva costs only $149 and is so cute. Go check out the website to see all of the information about it. It even has a built in wallet on the back, which is a great plus. I am hopefully studying abroad this summer and would love to have this bag because not only can I conveniently carry my camera in it, but I can also just use it as my purse.

Well there you have it. This is just the first installment though so be sure to come back for more, most likely one centered around free people, because well you know, why not?
I never knew that I could love something so much, but then I met Sadie.  Sadie is my family's new puppy, so that says a lot about my love life.  She is a Tibetan Terrier and one of the smartest dogs I've ever encountered. She will be four months this Sunday and already knows how to sit, lay down, shake, play dead, and she can stay for about 10 seconds, but hey she is a puppy and that's pretty long for a puppy.

I am allergic to basically any kind of animal dander, this was discovered when I was in 3rd grade and brushed my friends cat, within 20 minutes both of my eyes had begun to swell.  I have always had a dog growing up and when I was younger I had no problems with them, but as time went on I started to have reaction's. I would get hives on my arms and my throat would itch after I pet a dog or held one, this is nothing compared to what can happen if I pet a cat or a horse, one time I reacted to a horse when I didn't even touch it.  Although it isn't as bad physically, it hurt me mentally, it always made me sad because I am a dog lover.

My mom and I always looked into different hypoallergenic breeds of dogs and would be obsessed with different breeds for awhile, but when we met Harvey, a Tibetan Terrier that lives in my neighborhood, we knew instantly that this was the breed for us.  The problem was that Tibetan Terriers are not a very well known breed and the breeders we could find were on the other side of the country.  We weren't too interested in experimenting with shipping a puppy either.  When we found a litter of puppies located in Florida it was destiny, that may be a little over the top, but oh well.  We picked Sadie up on the way home from Disney World and have been in love ever since. It is so awesome to be able to hold a dog and not have any allergic reactions. Basically I just wanted to introduce y'all to this sweet pup since I'm sure she will come up from time to time, so I hope you enjoyed reading the love story of me and my dog.  Oh and she has an instagram, @lady__sadie, that is two underscores.

I have recently discovered suzani fabric, some of the most beautiful textiles I have ever seen. If you google it you may find chairs with a round ornate pattern on them or this Vera Bradley pattern that has Suzani's, but what I'm talking about is the beautiful embroidered ones that come from Uzbekistan. Now that I am moving from my tiny jail cell of a dorm room into my own apartment, which means my bed is going up in size, I have been hunting for the perfect bedding. I have an obsession with bedding, especially Anthropologie bedding. It is so bad, that I bought my dorm room bedding in December of my senior year of high school, but hey I had been watching it for awhile and it was finally on sale! Interior design has always been an interest of mine so the moment I knew where I was living it was hard to not start planning months in advance. I had been planning on waiting for this Anthropologie quilt to go on sale so I could snag it, that is until I discovered suzani.

Ironically it actually has the sort of ornate designs that a suzani quilt does. Last night I stumbled across Justina Blakeney post about her home the "Jungalow." I immediately recognized the photos of her bed because I had posted it on pinterest in awe of how beautiful it was. 

I read that it was a vintage suzani cover and immediately started searching for my own. At first I kept finding dull patterns from fabric stores, but then I thought to check out Ebay and I hit the motherload. There are multiple sellers on Ebay who specialize in Suzanis and within 20 minutes I had already bought one to use for my bedding that will go with some navy euro shams I already have. I cannot wait until it comes, but unfortunately I will because it is shipping internationally and says it might not be here until June 6... When it arrives I will post photos and report on the quality. For now I shall leave you with some suzani inspiration. 

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A couple weeks ago was my birthday and I got to spend it in the happiest place on earth, Disney World! It was my sister's spring break so my family was already at Disney. I flew down after my classes on Friday and on Saturday we went to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Unfortunately my mom had gotten a stomach virus earlier that week and was still very sick on Saturday, so she could not go to the parks with us. My dad, sister, and I explored the parks and ate a lot of food. Needless to say it was a great birthday.

Hanging with Mickey the Magician, the best part was that he could actually talk!
Both my top and my sisters are Free People.

I love the blue and green around this bird's eye and beak.

Hanging with King Triton. Taylor looks like a model.
The Happiest Place on Earth with my favorite people.

On to Epcot where the Flower and Garden Festival was happening, which means plenty of flowers and food!

Disney's version of the cronut, it was delicious.
Candied strawberries from China
A bonsai tree in Japan

My sushi from Japan
Taylor's sushi 
 A brioche ice cream sandwich, it was awesome.
Dole whip with a waffle
 My mom always outdoes herself with wrapping my presents.
The best birthday "cake" ever!
If you cannot tell, it was a great birthday. I am so thankful that I got to spend it with my family in one of my favorite places. It's hard to believe that I am 19, but I cannot wait to see what this year has to bring. 

P.S. My candles were sparklers!

    I have been interested in trying out Lush Cosmetic's hair products for a while now, but I have been hesitant to just order it from their website not really knowing what I was getting into to. This past weekend I finally had the opportunity to go to a Lush store where I purchased three things: Curly Wurly Shampoo, Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, and R&B leave-in conditioner. My hair is naturally wavy/curly. It is probably more oily than dry, but I can typically go two days without washing it. I was lucky because the girl that helped me also had curly hair, so felt like I could trust what she had to say about the products.

    Curly Wurly was the product that I was most nervous about using for the first time. The shampoo has real coconut shavings in it, this means that you are rubbing real shavings of coconut into your hair. That doesn't sound pleasant. The girl who helped me asked if I was okay with a shampoo that doesn't really lather, and I said I was up for anything even though deep down inside this made me nervous. She told me to make sure that I added a little water to the shampoo in my hand before I applied it to my hair. The next day when I took a shower I followed what she said. Right before I applied the shampoo to my hair I thought to myself, "Wait I'm actually about to rub this into my hair?", needless to say I hesitated for a moment. Finally I started washing my hair and was pleasantly surprised to find that the shampoo lathered like a normal shampoo. It also smells really good! My only complaint is the coconut shavings because that was really weird to me, but I always brush through my hair in the shower after I apply conditioner and when I did this most of them fell out with the exception of the few that looked like giant pieces of dandruff when I looked in the mirror.

    I was not too nervous to use Happy Happy Joy Joy because it really looks just like your regular ole conditioner. The smell is pleasant, very nice. I can't really decide though if I like it yet because I rely on my conditioner to help detangle my hair and this conditioner did that, but it did take a little more work on my behalf than usual. My hair also seemed more dry than normal after my shower.

    I'm not exactly sure what to think of R&B. This is my first time using a leave-in conditioner and I was worried it would make my hair feel greasy. It didn't, but honestly I couldn't tell if it did anything. I applied only a little bit to my ends by scrunching my hair with it like I would if I was applying curl cream. It seems like a little goes a long way with this little pot.

The Results
    My hair seemed to have a drier texture than normal. It also seemed to be just a tad bit more frizzy. I am going to continue to use it and I will make a post a couple weeks from now updating y'all. Right now I feel like once I have used up all of what I bought I probably won't get anymore because I don't see much of a difference in how my hair is acting, so I don't want to continue to buy more because it is really expensive. All of this was about $75 and the containers are not that large for this price. I understand that for some people it is worth the money to be able to use natural products on their hair, but I don't think it is worth that much for me. 
Well once again the South has been over taken with a snow storm that it just does not know how to handle.  Thankfully I live in Athens, and we did not have a lot of traffic issues.  Unlike Atlanta...  It is insane how many cars were left stranded on the highway and how many people had to walk home or sleep in a CVS.  My cousin had to stay over night at her children's day care, while her husband was stuck on the road all night.  My aunt and uncle had to abandon there car, only four miles away from their house, and walk the rest of the way home.  The only problems I faced were that all of my classes got canceled, and my Polisci test got delayed to next week.  Well I guess those are not really problems...  Anyway, I thought I would take this winter weather as an opportunity to post about some of my favorite winter accessories.

I personally think it is really important to wear a hat or a scarf (or both) when there is cold weather.  A hat is really great because it keeps your body heat from escaping; your body heat escapes from you head and your feet, so keep those toes warm too!

This Free People beanie is great for the cold weather, not only does it keep you warm, but it is also stylish with the beautiful thick knit and the cute pom pom.

If you are not a fan of hat hair, you can always wear earmuffs!

These Free People Nico Earmuffs are so cute!  I own a pair and am in love.  They are perfect because they keep your ears nice and cozy, and the fur provides a nice stylish touch, while the band gives them a bohemian feel.  Plus they are kind of further back than normal earmuffs, making it so that that aren't protruding from your head, but they still cover your ears.

Next is an essential to any winter wardrobe, a scarf!

This Free People scarf is the best scarf I own!  I actually own two.  The other one may not be exactly the same scarf, but it is very similar.  It is so cozy and warm, I break it out immediately when the air starts to feel chilly.  You would not believe how many compliments I get when I wear either one. 

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying the winter weather wherever they are and that y'all are staying warm! Here are a couple pictures from my snowy day in Athens!

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