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At my college nobody dresses up for class. There is the one occasional person who does, and sometimes that's me, but other than that pretty much everyone wears norts (nike shorts) and a t-shirt. This is a problem for me because after about two days of that I am sick of it and want to look cute, so I'll dress up, but on the days that I dress down I try my best to accessorize with fun things.

These fun headbands are from Free People. I like to wear them like a normal headband with my hair down or in a ponytail.

Emi-Jays are the perfect hair tie. They are gentle on your hair, plus they come in an array of colors that you can display on your wrist. 

I recently purchased these Tory Burch earrings on impulse when I saw them for the first time. It was one of the situations where I saw them and I had to have them immediately. 

This is my personalized water bottle that I bought from University Spirit, a store in Athens, Georgia. I personally love Camelbaks because you drink so much more water because of the straw, than you would with a regular water bottle. It is a necessity to have a water bottle when walking from class to class in the heat. 

I recently purchased this backpack on Zappos. It is Lesportsac and it is the perfect accessory for any class. Plus it doesn't rub my clothes like NorthFace one did. 

      Well one thing that I have learned about college is that even though you have a substantially larger amount of free time than you did in high school, you can still manage to get nothing done, which is why I haven't posted in a long time. I guess I'll start with the first thing I did at college, decorating my dorm. My bedding is from Anthropologie. If you have never looked at their bedding, you need to, it is beautiful, but also expensive which is why I stalked this quilt for months until it went on sale. As a result I bought my college bedding during the December of my senior year, no shame. The pillows are also from Anthropologie, and were also purchased on sale, but that did not involve any stalking, just pure luck. Last but not least the Rilakkuma stuffed animal is from Japan, in Epcot that is... Where else would I get all of my random asian stuff?

       Below is my desk area. All of the picture frames on the desk came from Target. I made the bulletin board myself using a cork board, pink burlap, colored push pins, and the gift ribbon from the Free People store. I was going to post a tutorial about it, but I was so  gung-ho about making it that I realized I made it without taking any pictures. My lamp shade is from Frontier which is a store in Athens, Georgia. The two little framed pictures and the one framed in white at the top all came from the Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney at Disneyland. Now I must talk about the next two pieces of art in detail. The one above the bulletin board is a print of a piece Jamie Caulkin, a local artist from Athens, did. One of my good friend's parents commissioned him to do this piece of our senior homecoming float and then they surprised her with the original and 50 prints for her to give her friends for graduation. I am glad that I was lucky enough to receive one, because it is so awesome.  Next is the one on the bottom near the lamp. This a print of an original piece by Brittany Bass. Brittany is one of my dear friends and a talented artist who graduated from the University of Georgia. Go check out her Etsy because she is incredibly talented.

       Unfortunately I am discussing the least exciting part of my dorm last. This is opposite of the futon. The TV stand is from Bed Bath and Beyond and the cube thing is from Target. It wasn't planned, but I am thankful that everything ended up being black. We use the storage for snacks and although it looks bare in this picture, trust me, it isn't anymore.

 Well that is it for now, but I will be posting again very soon!

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