California Adventures: Day Three

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

    Our last day in California wasn't necessarily the most exciting one, but definitely, for lack of a better word, the most magical one. That morning we headed to Dana Wharf in Dana Point to go whale watching. To be honest, I expected to see dolphins, but I didn't believe we would actually see any blue whales as advertised. When we arrived and checked in, they had a sign that said they had seen forty blue whales that week, sparking a little bit of hope inside me. The large catamaran had about twenty other people onboard. We left the dock and continued out into open water where eventually we spotted some dolphins. The dolphins swam straight at the catamaran and then under it and continued to swim around us for a good fifteen minutes.

One of the many dolphins we saw on the cruise.

    Next we headed out to where the captain said they spotted a blue whale on an earlier cruise that day. When we  arrived, off in the distance you could see the top of the whale until it went underwater. We drifted closer to where the whale had been and waited approximately six to seven minutes before he surfaced, only to find that he had swam further away. We played this game of cat and mouse with the whale for about thirty minutes until we found a huge group of dolphins to distract ourselves. I have never seen so many dolphins in my life, there were at least forty of them at the surface at a time. The captain said that for every single one you see there are seven more underwater, meaning that there were a lot more than we could see. After this spectacular experience I had given up on us ever getting close to the whale, but either way we went back to where it was last seen and suddenly it arose from the depths and headed towards us. It seemed as though it had finally given up on running away as it made its' way past our boat. This was so incredible to see the biggest animal in the world in person. 

The blue whale finally decides to make an appearance.

    After our whale watching experience we had one final meal at In n Out Burger and got some cupcakes at Sprinkles. Then we went back to the hotel to freshen up for the evening. That night we went to the Shake Shack in Laguna Beach, which is located on a cliff overlooking the water. There were some beautiful bushes of bougainvillea that made the perfect backdrop for some photos. The view here was a perfect way to end our California adventure. 

Dress: Free People

Enjoying a shake and the view.

Our final image of California.

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